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Legal Representation

First and foremost we provide legal representation for those in need of legal assistances. This may include cases such as human right complaints, civil disputes, welfare, tenant and landlord disputes, divorce, activities of the criminal nature and much more. The service provided by us is one of the upmost precision and accordance to the law district of the state of Florida.


Divorce Assistance services

This includes all and any legal advice or representation in the practice of marital law. Providing our aid to ensure a clean end to a marriage without any problems, we help our customers relieve stress from an, otherwise, stressful situation. This service will ensure you get what you deserve from the time you invested in creating your former marital union.


Human Rights Services

We provide aid in ensuring the Human Rights Code is executed without falter. No more should you be a victim to someone’s acts of discrimination or inhumane ways of life. We’ll make sure you’re adequately legally protected from any means of human rights violations. This practice is executed through our professional following of the Court Justice System relevant to Tampa, Florida.


Real Estate Legal Advice

A proper approach to investment matters of real property transactions is mandatory to ensure this process is executed in the fastest and most efficient manner. In this constantly changing law climate that influences real estate value, it’s important to get the right advice for your lease or purchase. We provide this service throughout the whole process, which includes the guarantee period and warranty.

Why we are the best

Finding great professional legal advice isn’t as easy as it used to be. With new law firms frequently appearing in Tampa, it has become a real challenge to distinguish the good from the bad. Luckily, this has not affected our business traffic at all. We believe this is the case because good word of our hard work and dedication towards case resolving is spreading like wildfire. Honest dedication to our cause is what our clients recognize, and it’s the reason why they always turn to us when facing a legal issue. Be smart and choose our aid, because in some cases you just can’t afford failure.

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Here at Becker Associates we always put our clients first and we make sure that they their needs and expectations are met. So here’s what they had to say about our services:

Bill Marcus

Bill Marcus

Thanks to Backer Associates I was able to resolve my families’ legal issue that’s been bothering us for quite some time now. I’m not going to go into detail of the exceptional work they did, but I can wholeheartedly vouch that they did good by me.

Donna Mayers

Donna Mayers

I have nothing but good words for these fine mine and women that aided me in my time of need. I know I can be a handful when I’m frustrated, but that didn’t seem like an obstacle to them. They had outstanding patience from start to finish.

Linda Wonders

Linda Wonders

I’ve searched for legal aid far and wide across Tampa before I stumbled upon Becker Associates. I couldn’t believe that they managed to help me out with a case no other law firm could manage to. This, for me, is a prime example of their true resourcefulness.

Bryan Greywood

Bryan Greywood

I am not one to praise companies for the great services they provided, but I need to make an exception in this case. These good people were kind and professional in resolving my legal problem, and for that I am eternally thankful.